Flower Grading System

At dank we have four classifications of weed: dAAAAnk (AAAA/quads), dAAAnk (AAA/trips), dAAnk (AA/dubs), dAnk (sale/special promo).


Strains classified as dAAAAnk are typically exotic with beautifully coloured and caked nugs, and the flowers THC potency is high. When smoked in a joint it ashes pure white, drips resin, and straight-up hits different. Serious cannabis consumers will stan dAAAAnk strains.
Shop for dAAAAnk weed if you:
  • Identify as a stoner
  • Want to treat yourself
  • Want to smoke premium


When shopping the dAAAnk category you’ll find hype strain types with sticky, crystalized, and fragrant flowers, and unique flavour profiles. Smoking dAAAnk will really have you feeling the described strains effects as these flowers range from medium-high to high THC potency.
Shop for dAAAnk weed if you:
  • Are a moderate to heavy cannabis consumer
  • Want to buy fire sativas
  • Want to buy gas indicas

Flower Classification


Our dAAnk cannabis strains burn white (with an occasional peppering), pull smoothly, taste good, have a medium THC potency, and are our most affordable regular priced strains.
Shop for dAAnk weed if you:
  • Like smoking your friends up at a party
  • Are a casual cannabis smoker
  • Get excited about well priced quality weed


If you see a product in our online dispensary rated dAnk, our advice….“add to cart”. dAnk cannabis is top-shelf flower (dAAAnk, dAAAAnk) for budget bud prices, and these deals don’t come around often.